Dear future docs,

Dear future doctors,

Thank you for thinking for humanity. Thank you for stepping forward to sign as a messenger of god. You must have been so scared the first time you stepped into the college or hospital. Maybe even purchasing your books. “Can I do this? Am I worth this ? Do I even deserve this?” Thank you for believing in God and yourself . You live on coffee and anatomy books are just your best friends . Believe me when I say this , You might even have reconsidered your options because of lack of time ,tiredness ,financial problems maybe even the fear of FOMO when all your friends are partying and sleeping. But what you did was extraordinary learning the functioning of the brain to doing a open brain operation . You have achieved it all ,you deserve it . Never forget how excited your inner child was on getting a doctor’s set or how frustrated you were when you didn’t get medical help. You have come this far for nothing. You are the best doc ! Those simple , sweet thank you to doctor which you heard your family saying , now it’s your turn to feel that satisfaction. It is a long journey but guess what it’s so worth it for being a god’s messenger and that thank you

P.s. As a author of this blog, I don’t humiliate or offend any other streams and career paths. I genuinely support all the careers and may the force be with us .

May we all succeed in life and serve this mother earth and her children

All the best 🌟

6 thoughts on “Dear future docs,

  1. It’s a beautiful letter. It means so much to every family who received help and every doctor. Thankyou doctors, for saving humanity.

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  2. Reblogged this on TRAVELOGY and commented:
    I this time of crisis, doctors nurses, medical staff and all other essential workers have been really working hard to save us all. A huge huge thanks to them!

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