Earth’s own music

My mother calls me closer

Near the white rustic window

With satin curtains

To see the earth being washed

Mumma whispered

The day you entered the world

The earth danced whole night

To the music water made

And it left me mesmerized

She took me with her

To the leaves of thirsty trees

And on the glass

Slipping away even before touch

I wondered

If the earth will dance the whole night

To the rythm that drops make

When I finally win

When I succeed in the game of life

You are enough

I am enough , I repeat

I am everything I can be

Lover to my beautiful body

Writer to my caramelized eyes

Painter to my dusky skin

Gardener to my blooming flowers

I complete myself

I need me

Author’s view: I believe that we complete ourselves, not our loves ones . We are what we eat, think and write. That is for sure influenced by our loved ones but not completely . It is just that we think we aren’t and start looking for things that fills us up instead of looking inside us. This poem just capture that essence. Thank you for reading till here!!


Look where it got me

Sitting at the ledge of old memories

One struck me

While climbing on the bus to the school trip

My legs shaked

Asking my heart if I was mad

To sign up for this trip

I knew I had no one to talk to

I don’t know

Whether it was my thighs

Or me only

That bothered them

I saw my friends

My “real” friends

Discussing secretly who will get the chance

Chance to get bored to death..

I ran back to my home

Crying on bed pillows

But the teachers forced me onto the bus

I still remember

How I sat alone the whole trip

Walked alone the whole trip

Staring out of window

Taking my tears back in

I remembered how teachers

Tried to fill that void

I still remember

And I know nothing has changed

I will still sit alone on that seat

With my bag on next

I will still try to squeeze

To leave half of my seat

And watch the moving trees and cloud

And listen to the laughter of girls

And talks of boys all along

But look where it got me

I am mature , I have changed

And I still would not mind sitting alone

Author ‘s view: thank you for reading still the very end . It mean a lot to me . I don’t say that you all have to be alone to become mature. Everyone have different experiences that change them for good.I am just Sharing with you my experiences and support everyone out there.


Happy 1st bloggiversary❤

The scariest moment is always just before you start “

Today , Unfiltered Feeling , turns a year old.

I still remember how my excitement and nervousness took over me when I was thinking of doing what i love .

Before starting, only 2 things haunted me consistently .

First, what if ,what if no one is interested in my blog . There are a hundred out there . Why people are coming to read my feelings and dwell into them.

Second,I want my little world of poetry to reach as many people out there. I want to tell them it’s alright and we are all together. I just want to give warm hugs to everyone who will, is or has come out of their struggles . I hope to do this with my little blog ❤

And guess what , it worked . With consistency , hard work and love from all of you guys . We did it!!!!!🤗🤗

I thank each one of you who believed in me when I thought my blog was nothing . Thank you to all of you who stood with me since the beginning , today ,now or even in the future

I am soo blessed and happy to be a part of the wordpress and blogging family

I promise to work harder on my blog each day 🌻

Here’s to more amazing blogs 🎉🎉


A Letter to our bodies💕

She looks secretly at the mirror

To see whether the rolls of fat are visible

To see whether her thighs are still as thick as trunks

She touches her body

If it matches those impossible bodies

She has hurt herself

She hears a dreamy voice

Of her body she always hide

Dear my, if you were hurted

I am sorry

Your beautiful body just amazes me

How you carry each day with confidence

And on the days you break

I cry with you too

Please don’t hate me

For I love you

Even when you forget sometimes

I promise

I will go , go away from you

If you were hurted

I am sorry

She apologizes

For being heartless towards her body

She promises to love

And love ….

Author section: I wholeheartedly believe all sizes are beautiful and what are even sizes , all human are beautiful and lovely. This poem just want to bring home the idea of loving our bodies , loving them to the fullest. ❤🍉

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